Trees 2020

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See good things grow

Trees 2020 is an initiative to increase Providence’s tree cover to 30% by the year 2020, which will boost air and water quality, moderate temperatures, and improve public health. Led by Groundwork Providence and the City of Providence, the effort will leverage the planting of 40,000 trees collectively by homeowners, land-owning institutions, and city-sponsored tree planting programs. A healthy tree in your yard contributes to the urban tree canopy, which benefits the environment and all city residents. Together, we can make a difference.


What is Trees 2020?

Trees 2020 is an initiative with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for 40,000 new trees across Providence's 25 neighborhoods over the next 12 years. By planting 40,000 trees, Providence can increase its tree cover to 30%. Trees, one of our most important assets, boost air and water quality, moderate temperatures, and improve public health. Groundwork Providence and the City of Providence need help from people like you to plant 40,000 trees - homeowners, community groups, businesses, institutions, and developers. Trees 2020 will make low-cost trees available for purchase to encourage you to join the effort and plant a tree. We'll also help you hire a certified arborist to help you maintain the trees you already have. The primary function of Trees 2020 is to promote tree planting and tree care on private property. However, street tree planting is handled through the Providence Neighborhood Planting Program, a separate program for Providence residents who wish to obtain curbside trees for their street at no cost to their neighborhood. Since 1989, the PNPP has planted over 7,000 street trees with the assistance of neighborhood volunteers each spring and fall. PNPP is a partnership between the Mary Elizabeth Sharpe Street Tree Endowment and the City of Providence. Visit the PNPP website for more details and an application.

Why Plant 40, 000 Trees? Green is good.

Trees help clean our air, and reduce the pollutants that trigger childhood asthma. They cool our streets, sidewalks, and homes on hot summer days. Trees increase property value, and encourage neighborhood revitalization. Trees save energy, cutting heat and air conditioning costs. And, they are a beautiful part of the unique and varied landscape of Providence's neighborhoods.

Know Your Urban Forest

Trees do great things

  • Improve air quality – which reduces asthma and other health problems
  • Improve water quality by reducing storm water runoff to our rivers and Narragansett Bay
  • Provide shade to cool your yard and house
  • Buffer noise from the street
  • Shield wind, which saves on winter heating costs
  • Raise property values for your home and neighborhood
  • Make our community a more beautiful place to live
  • Cool our planet

Get Involved

Trees 2020 can help you plant a tree. Here's how.

  1. Call 351-6440 x14 to apply for a tree, or fill out our on-line request form. Then a member of our Tree Team will coordinate a site visit to help you pick the right tree for your yard and give you tips on how to plant in properly.
  2. Buy your tree from Trees 2020 and save more than 50% compared to retail prices. This fall, trees are $55 for a tree that has a 1 ¼ inch diameter trunk (from 6- 10 feet tall), or $75 for a tree 1 ½ inch in diameter (from 8 – 12 tall).
  3. Plant your tree and register it on our website. Mulch your tree and water it weekly while the weather is warm, so the roots can become established.

Don’t forget to care for your existing tree. We can help you hire an arborist and get a coupon for first time customers.